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Not only in Laguna, Sidney. Even the fishpens in Batangas, Bulacan, and Quezon were heavily damaged. :(


it's really sad that many entrepreneurs like fishpond owners were devastated by the super typhoon.


grabe sid. sana, the fisherfolks get some sort of subsidy or assistance from the government. i agree with some of the earlier posts, what happened should concern us because it's not just about livelihood lost but also potential food on the table lost. thanks for the photo commentary. as usual, they're up to your high standards :-D


That's too bad. :(


really sad to hear that:-( glad u still have some photos to keep for memories:-) wish they will recover soon when the time go by:-))


laguna de bay should be the source of food for all people. not income to just a few families. i think the government should take over it

Shazeen Samad

Oh! just wondering!!!! hope it will be alright soon...


i saw in the news this evening, a lot of fish floated in pasig river, they are not selling in qiapo bridge for a very low price. i saw the fish they are really huge.


is sad for those natural disasters to strike...especially if is on the poor community...

nevertheless i hope everything gets well....

how bout ur condition? is everything fine? still without eletricity and water?

love the fishing images.. look like from those old films...


What a sad development. I would guess that most were not insured. I always enjoy seeing how the local kids seem happy looking. Fine series.


What a tragedy and as if thouse people hasn't suffer enough. Hope they can get someting back from the insurance, but not all can be replaced by money. Our depest regret goes to these people!


i wonder to go there now!


It's a bad news, i'm reading this morning.I'm very sad to think this kind people's suffering.
Who's going to help them now?
That's a disaster for them.
It's another great report you're going on Sidney. Thanks for sharing


Some very good B/w shots that I see here. I love the last one. All of them are clear and crisp.


i bet you, even if i don't gamble, that most if not all those fish cages are not insured.

Insurance for such stuff is hard to get and owners don't usually bother getting one. We used to own a baklad (some sort of a fish trap) and it was destroyed by a typhoon.

Filipinos are fatalistic, foolishly fatalistic! The "bahala na" attitude

btw, can we exchange links? :)


I have accidentally got into your web page...w/c I acc'ly added with my favorites ...and acc'ly visit everynight....LOL in short, your pictures are awesome that I always wait for updates... I miss the Philippines and looking at the pictures draws me back and make me more nostalgic and long to go home... with your permission, may I copy some of your photos (portraits and Life along the railway tracks)
cause I plan to frame 4 or 5 photos.


this is what usually happens when strong typhoon barrel its way through Laguna lake...

tilapia and milkfish is so abundant and the law of supply and demand works when fish is so cheap

the loss of the rich fishpen owners is the gain of the poor fishermen and "fish eaters"

I grew up in Paete, Laguna and I replied to your comment in my blog



That's quite sad to see people's investments go down the drain because of the typhoon. In theory the fish would be in the lake and would likely survive - if that's a consolation. I hope those folks can get something back from the insurance of these fishponds.


This is such a wonderful series. Beautiful pictures and enlightening commentary.

Hoping your weather related issues improve soon.

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